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RentToOwn.cc is a leading real estate website dedicate to empowering consumers to learn about and find Rent To Own homes. Traditional home financing, or mortgage financing, requires excellent credit and sizable down payment (typically 20% of home's purchase price) from the prospective home buyers. If a home buyer has less then perfect credit, or has just started saving towards down payment, it is often not possible to purchase a home. As such, the stability that comes from home ownership has also been out of the reach to many people.

Rent To Own provides an alternate option. You can move into and enjoy the stability of living in your own home while saving for the down payment and/or building up your credit to qualify for the traditional mortgage financing. You can think of Rent to Own as a "bridge financing" for your home in that sense.

RentToOwn.cc is your resource to learn about Rent To Own, determine whether it is an option you should consider, and to find homes that may be available for rent to own financing. Learn more about rent to own by starting with rent to own guide section of RentToOwn.cc

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